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Work From Home With Martin Butler

If you want to work from home then you should take a look at Martin Butler’s UK Internet Marketing School. Not the usual over inflated hype here. You’ll get honest, straight talking teaching without the get rich quick language we have all come to expect when trying to learn about this business.

Everyone should have the opportunity to learn how to work from home without being ripped off, after all this is the 21st Century. Martin broke out of the rat race in 2005 and created his first infomation product with little knowledge and little equipment. He also created an ebay shop and started creating physical products as well. Within 2 years, he was self sufficient.

He did all this without the help of the so-called Gurus. He had spent thousands in the past buying into the dream and got no returns. This is when he realised he had to seperate himself from everyone else buying into the dream of easy riches and actually work out a formula for success.

None of the niches that he worked in were internet marketing related. Most beginners tend to go into this market because they see the Gurus making a fortune but the trouble is that it actually takes a lot of money to be able to compete with paid advertising or you need a network of people to promote your products. Beginners don’t have this. Add to the fact that no one is going to buy high priced training from an unknown person so you are doomed to failure.

If you want to work from home there are many different business models and niches. You should forget about the obvious niches, diet and fitness, forex trading, dating, dog training to name but a few.

Your main goal should be to choose a niche you can realistically compete in. It would help if you have a knowledge in the subject you are going to work in. Get it right and grow one step at a time and you could soon work from home all the time.

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